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Facebook Applications - July 14th, 2011

Kreata Global, one of India’s leading digital media outsourcing firms presents an extensive array of custom-made social media applications for those seeking instant solutions on Facebook. Kreata Global had been in the top most position in game development in Facebook for many of its clients till date. Now Kreata Global is stepping ahead by developing instant Facebook application for their customers.

These are highly customized applications, readymade for you to hit the target audience directly and in no time. Moreover, these come to you with an added advantage of option for further customization if needed, as per your specific requirement. Thus it enables you to accomplish your digital marketing goals in a single go.

Kreata Global also offers the perfect creative and technical support, exclusively for our customers. Listed below is the set of Instant Facebook Applications we provide:

  • Invite friends – Normal/contest mode
  • Signup form
  • Vote/Poll/Survey
  • Contests:

Audio Recording Apps. Video Recording Apps. Text Messages/Essays Photo uploading contests (with/without rating)

  • Sweepstakes
  • E-coupon/E-gift vouchers
  • Rating

Each of these applications has salient features. Let us see them in detail.

1. Invite Friends – normal/contest mode
A) Normal mode: As per this method, we send an announcement to a selected database of people asking them to ‘Like’ a page on Facebook and also appeal them to invite their friends.

B) Contest mode: It’s similar to the normal mode, but for some attractive prizes. Here, we announce small contests whereby users will stand to win prizes based on our tracking of invite details.

2. Signup form
Here, we run a contest as a part of which a sign up form will be provided to the users. They can fill it up to win prizes and also invite their friends to the contest.

3. Vote / Poll / Survey
Interesting topics are selected and raised before the users in the form of a survey or a poll in this. They can accordingly vote or indicate their opinion through polls and see the larger collective opinion and the progress of the survey, anytime.

4. Contests (with or without)
Kreata Global offers a very exciting array of contests which help capture the interest of the users. Here are some of them:

4.1: Voice Recording Apps (Red5/FMS)
Here, the user is provided with an online audio recorder which they can use to record something interesting and post on their wall. The best ones shall be selected for special prizes or discounts.

4.2: Video recording Apps (Red5/FMS)
As per this, one can record an interesting visual message and post it on Facebook. The best ones would be selected for gifts.

4.3: Text Message/Quote/Essay Apps
Interesting quotes, phrases or even essays shall be posted by a user on a give space in the wall and as per the ratings they can win prizes.

4.4: Photo uploading contests
According to this, the user can upload his/her photo and ask their friends to rate it. The one who emerges the hottest would win prizes.

5. Promos / Sweepstakes
These are just like an on-line form of conventional sweepstakes. The user would just need to fill in a required form and submit, as a result of which they may stand to win fabulous prizes.

6. E-coupon
Here, a user needs to simply ‘Like’ a page, fill in their personal whereabouts and submit it. An online discount coupon will either be mailed to their email id or provided with the option of direct download.

7. Rating
The applications mentioned above, especially the contests, may come with or without rating. Anyhow, a special rating application whereby users can rate a particular posting shall be provided in case of specific requirement.

The main advantage of these instant Facebook apps is that they take less time for development. When a customer comes to us for the development of an application, we customize the apps that we already have with us and thus require less time in development compared to others. Through these applications you can always target your audience and capture them within a short span of time hence it helps in branding your company among the huge crowd.

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