Improving your App Visibility through Facebook Open Graph

Facebook Application Development - September 12th, 2012

Facebook has introduced tools for its Open Graph Apps that will enhance their visibility by showing up in the newsfeed and timeline of the user and his/her friends. These features will let users mention their friends in messages of Open Graph Apps and also share actions on apps just like posting it directly on Facebook. Apart from enabling location tagging, it also helps in sharing better quality user-generated photos.



This feature lets a user tag his/her friends through a post sent through an Open Graph app. When a person mentions a friend in an Open Graph app, the story on Facebook links the friend’s name to their timeline. It enables users to share apps they have tried with their chosen friends who will be hyperlinked in the message. The friends tagged in the message will be sent a notification. 


Explicitly shared actions

The newly introduced ‘explicitly shared actions’ represents something users would have entered or uploaded into the Facebook composer for sharing. It lets users make a conscious decision to share their experience back on Facebook in real time. They appear as stand-alone stories in newsfeeds and show up on the left side of user’s timeline. The feature allows the user to choose where the message will appear and its frequency.


Location tagging

Extending Facebook’s check-in feature with location tagging, users can update their location while using an app. This helps create a compelling story for both the user and his/her friends. The updated activity with the location data will appear on the timeline map, newsfeed stories and aggregations. It is also possible for the app developers to provide their own location data without relying on Facebook places.


User Generated Photos

Thanks to mobile cameras, increasing number of users are able to share their experiences through photos with their Facebook friends. User-generated photos when combined with Open Graph stories create a stronger impact. These stories will have a larger display in ticker, timeline, and newsfeed while enjoying all the existing functionalities of a standard story. App users can upload a single photo or multiple user-generated photos for a single action. 

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