How to make the most of Social Games on Facebook

Facebook Game Development - May 10th, 2012

One of the basic principles of advertising is KISS (Keep it short and simple). Gamification follows this principle to a T. The jargon implies the application of game mechanics to marketing techniques. More and more clients are now using rewards, leader boards and challenges- stuff that engages and rewards- to involve users and build brand recall.

Social games can be used effectively to create awareness about brands on facebook as well as to increase the number of likes and engagement with fans. Here’s how brands can make the most of social games on Facebook:

1.    Placing ads within games: Like strategically placed hoardings, well-placed advertisements in games catch the eye too. It needn’t be something jarring or in-your-face. Something subtle yet catchy can do the job just as well.

2.    Promoting a social cause: Social gaming is also a big opportunity to work for a social cause. At least, that is what games such as FarmVille and CityVille have proved.  The proceeds of the in-game items purchased can be sent to charities while items bought take users to a new level or give special abilities.

3.    Reward your fans: Give fans a chance to win freebies or discounts by placing badges or collectable points on your page that can be gathered upon completion of certain tasks. Unlike sweepstakes it has user participation of a deeper level because one has to ‘earn’ the rewards. It is gamification at its best.

4.    Providing an experience: Give your fans a reason to come back to your game and you can be sure of having provided them a pleasant gaming experience. It is not just about the rewards but also the excitement built around it.

5.    Doling it out in small doses: Saying too many things makes the audience’s attention wander. With gamification, everything is broken down into small bits of information. Instructions like ‘Click here to win a point’, ‘Share with 10 friends for 5% discount’ are not only to-the-point but ensure quick response too.

What are you waiting for? Go, gamify!


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