How to improve your Facebook EdgeRank

Facebook - October 3rd, 2012

Ever wondered why your Facebook post failed to get noticed despite being pretty interesting and informative? The reason could be a low EdgeRank. For the uninitiated, EdgeRank is the name of the algorithm which Facebook uses to determine the content that appears in the user's newsfeeds. With a tracking system that finds out which connections are most important to a user, it determines what content should appear in the newsfeeds most frequently, and higher than others. EdgeRank does this by monitoring the number of times you visit the page, and the Likes, Shares, and Comments you leave on the content posted by an individual or page.

Having a good EdgeRank is thus very important for pages. Here are some tips on improving your EdgeRank:

1.    Determine your optimal time: Time your posts in a way that it reaches a major chunk of your audience. Try to figure out through observation, the time and day during which you have the best engagement on your page. Time your content accordingly. The more visibility a post gets, the more Likes, Comments, and Shares it is likely to get. This way, you have more stories around your brand which in turn translates into a better EdgeRank.

2.    Post relevant and consistent content: Post content that interests your audience. Photos, Videos and Links are said to have more Edge Weight than other content. Make sure your fans can relate to your posts. Be consistent with frequency. If your audience has a fair idea of when to expect an update from you, they would visit your page during that time.

3.    Make them respond: Post content that elicits a response - ask questions and fill-in-the-blanks, and directly ask for Likes and Shares once in a while. Be direct and begin questions with ‘What’, ‘When’ and ‘Where’ to get quick response. One-word answers are likely to get more response than answers that require some explanation.

4.    Inspire them: We all enjoy beginning our day with something positive.  A motivational quote, a feel-good anecdote, an interesting meme – this is the kind of content that quickly goes viral on Facebook. Include such posts in your content plan to get the maximum number of shares and likes. Instead of posting a quote as mere text, put it in an attractive template with your branding.

5.    Have wall-based contests: One of the advantages wall-based activities have over applications is that they are instantly visible on the page. Call their attention to the contest through the cover image and you are good to go. ‘Caption the picture’ contests, ‘Find the difference’, ‘Guess the product/price’, etc. are good examples. The comments and likes show up on the newsfeed, giving the wall activity more visibility.

EdgeRank largely depends on the recency and relevance of the content that goes up on your wall. These are our some of our tested tips (that have proved successful) on improving EdgeRank. Feel free to add on to the list in the comments.

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