How Microsites Can Boost your Brand Campaigns ?

Social Media Marketing - November 27th, 2013

Microsites or mini sites basically an off shoot of a main website particularly developed to promote and advertise a product or service on a temporary basis. Nowadays many brands started adopting this as part of their digital marketing strategy. It helps in converting the web traffic to quality leads and which ultimately boosts the sales.Unknown Object



The major goals of Microsites are to inform, educate and engage the visitors.

Here are some ways in which Microsites boosts brand campaigns:

  • Focused message: Each microsite can be positioned to serve a specific segment of your overall market; the content within each can be focused on one core concept or product category. Whether your objective is branding, conversions or lead generation this focused attention and strategy can provide a powerful solution. 
  • Boosts SEO: When the content is target specific and more focused, it becomes easier for search engines to deliver maximum quality traffic to the site. The keyword density and relevance are the dependent factors here.
  • Exceptional Design Opportunities: The look and feel of a microsite should attract the target audience. The theme and designs should be appealing.
  • Localize Content: Focusing microsites on geographic regions can be a great way to localise your offering and improve conversions. Using of vernacular languages and maintaining a theme which connects with the culture of the particular region can also bring in leads. 
  • Maintaining Connections: The content developed and shared in microsite should be engaging and enhance interactions which help in brand advocacy.
  • User friendliness: The visitors should be able to navigate through the site easily and should avoid confusions where visitors get stuck with the proceedings. 
  • Good branding: The microsite must have a name which is easy to remember or a logo which is easily recognizable. In simple words, it should be persuasive.
  • Increased Online footprint:  Microsites would automatically increase your online presence and gives more brand visibility. 

Thus Microsites can be considered another powerful string in your online marketing strategy bow. Microsite is a relevant strategy for your brand promotion through online and should be executed properly considering the goals and objectives.











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