How is LinkedIn advantageous to a business / organization?

Twitter - September 13th, 2013

Social media is a progressive platform towards building employer and employee   as well as customer relations which enhances your business. LinkedIn especially, is a complete professional networking ground where one can connect with the most influential people of a business enterprise.

LinkedIn has been creating buzz in social media circles for many years now, however many businesses are yet to fully take advantage of on this significant tool for their online marketing and promotional needs.

The following are the seven major benefits which LinkedIn offers to a Company:

1) Recruitment:  LinkedIn works as an online job portal where the employer directly can search for the talents. There are both paid options and those involving no cost. It gives access to the potential candidates. Businesses can search for candidates that fit their required level of expertise and approach them directly.

2) Accessibility to Expert Advice: To facilitate the information and idea sharing LinkedIn Answers got introduced. This platform allows you to raise business related queries and the concerned officials will reply for the same.  This will help in building the rapport and credibility.

3)Medium for promoting your blog: The blog related to the business domain and even the blog from the users can be published to enhance the exposure and even the traffic.

4) Recommendations:  Once you have added products or services to your company profile, you can request recommendations from your customers. Recommendation is the vital way to boost your company’s credibility and gain new clients.

5) SEO:  LinkedIn index the profile information on search engines which in turn gather high rank in searches. This will help in a good way to influence employers or customers when they search for your identity/name/domain.

6) Group interactions:  By creating groups for the services or products, one can initiate and ignite discussions and drives more traffic .This will help in lead generation also and bring in human resource for the company.

7) Helps in Marketing and advertising: Each LinkedIn company page has a dedicated section to promote the products and services. In this space the company can provide detailed information about the offerings and can provide links to the website for more information. LinkedIn also allows creating custom campaigns based on industry, title, location and other segments to target the right audience. Provisions are there to include rotating banners as well as coupons and discounts, videos, and recommendations from customers, peers and colleagues.

Thus LinkedIn is a powerful tool in lead generation and talent acquisition for any business. Hence it is really advantageous to business organizations.

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