How Facebook supports Mobile Games and Apps

Facebook Game Development - July 13th, 2012

Facebook has an audience of more than 900 million active users out of which 500 million access it through mobile devices. When more than half the Facebook population uses mobile devices, it is imperative for developers to start building cross-platform games that are fit for both Facebook.com and Mobile. Following are some Facebook features that support mobile games and apps, letting them tap the full potential of Facebook. 

1. Facebook for Login

Mobile games and apps needn’t necessarily be built on Facebook.com, it can also be an iOS or Android app where users can be asked to access it through their Facebook account. This way, the game can reach a wider audience. Once the user logs into the mobile app with their Facebook account, they can find their friends and share it back on Facebook. Engagement level is higher as people connect with friends and the game distributes itself on Facebook. 

2. Requests and Referrals 

Facebook supports games that let users send requests to friends so that they can play a turn in a game, take up a challenge, complete a task or simply use the game. Games thus shared by each Facebook-connected user during the month of May 2012, generated more than one referral visit

3. Timeline and Newsfeed

When users add an app to their Timeline, app-specific actions are shared on Facebook and are more prominently displayed through the Newsfeed. The newsfeed is the first thing a user sees after logging in, hence a user could try it right away. 


When a user logs into an app via Facebook, bookmarks are automatically displayed. Facebook’s mobile site lets users navigate to web apps via bookmarks. These bookmarks shown are in sync across desktop and mobile, so the most frequently used apps can be easily accessed. 

5. Search and Social Plugins

Facebook enabled mobile apps and games can be searched within Facebook, irrespective of whether the user has already logged into the app or not. The social plugins, Like and Comment, let the users’ friends know what game they are playing or have liked. These plugins thus help in driving more traffic to your site.  

The Facebook mobile platform gives mobile apps and games numerous possibilities for distribution and engagement. Developing games and apps suitable for the platform can thus help increase its reach and open up better possibilities for virality. 

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