How Can Pinterest Benefit Your Business?

Social Media Marketing - October 21st, 2013

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site where users collect and share photos of their favorite events, interests and hobbies. There is a pin-board to pin and re-pin the items.It’s really easy to add items to your pin board. You can upload items directly from your computer or phone, pin items from other websites or re-pin other people’s pins. These will then all appear on your own pin board. It’s one of the fastest growing platforms as many million users are active on Pinterest within a short span of time.

Pinterest is trending and the most exciting social media platform in the digital marketing arena. Individuals as well as brands have started using this platform effectively. Brands utilize the platform mainly for promoting their business. It is totally a different platform when compared to Facebook and Twitter.

When you look Pinterest as a brand promotional tool it helps in creating a momentum for any business. Following are some of its benefits to businesses:

  • Helps in increasing traffic:  One of the most beneficial aspects of Pinterest is that it creates referral traffic. The visitors to Pinterest come from direct links on other websites and on recommendations. When the content and design or images are of high quality it helps the brand to create a strong impact and enhanced traffic. 

  • Helps in getting an insight: Pinterest is a phenomenal tool when it comes to determining what consumers find interesting. A simple keyword search will immediately show you exactly what your consumers are discussing and sharing, as well as what type of pins are the most popular at present. Thus it helps a brand in getting an insight of what consumers want and like to pin. It is also an essential tool in analyzing the competitors and market. 

  • Helps in developing new ideas: Pinterest can be a source of inspiration to many brands. When a user pin and re-pin images, products & services, infographics etc many brands would get an idea of the taste and preference of the people. This will help in new product development. 

  • Interact and engage: As with any social media network, once you find users that are pinning and promoting items of yours interact and engage with them. You can do this by "repinning", "liking”, “commenting” or "mentioning." These are great ways to foster conversations and interaction. Thus it helps in building connections. 

  • Recruiting Talent: Talent acquisition has become possible through Pinterest. Many designers are using this platform as a tool for displaying their finest work. As a result, companies across the globe are now turning to Pinterest to explore new talent.

Thus by organizing and categorizing the Pinboards in such a way that defines your brand personality would positively result in building more engagement and awareness among the consumers. So, Pinterest is an effective digital promotional tool which every brand should give a try.

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