How Beneficial is Google Plus to your Business?

Social Media Marketing - September 27th, 2013




Google is a pioneer in the internet and networking world. It has become an essential part in marketing and advertising.

Google Plus, the social media channel of Google, is very much beneficial to business organizations that are planning to build a digital reputation.

The following are its benefits as far as brands are concerned:

     1) Attractive profile and content: A business organization should create an attractive profile and plan out an engaging content, related to their domain. The amazing feature of Google Plus is that one can claim the authorship of the content which gives an authenticity to the materials.

     2) Adding to Circles:  There is an option “add to circle”. The organization can add the people to their circles and the followers will add you back. So, through regular updates there will be a rise in the engagement level.

     3) Exciting tools & features for promotion on Google Plus:

          a) Google Plus Local: Google Plus account will help users discover your business through Google + Local.  Google Plus Local pages are indexed in Google Search results so when people search for places to buy products and services, they can easily see reviews and recommendations from people who have experienced your service or product.

          b) Communities: It allows businesses to reach out and directly seek feedback from customers or potential clients. Private and public communities can be created where businesses can post photos and videos about their service, products and industry news.

          c) Plus 1 buttons: Adding a “+1 button on your posts would help  people to share your content easily on their Google Plus pages and recommend your articles to people in their circles.

          d) Social reports: Social reports help you measure the impact social media has on your business goals. Businesses and brands can monitor their activities.

          e) Google Hangouts: Let’s you connect with communities and customers via a video chat.  Google Hangouts is where you can have face to face conversations.

          f) Do share tool: This helps in scheduling the post or content. By scheduling it reaches the target automatically at the required time and date.

Google Plus is an effective social media platform in promoting your business. It helps in building digital presence and enhances the brand outlook.  Therefore if you are looking for an all round digital presence Google Plus is an effective channel to pursue.





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