Glocal strategy for Global Pages

Facebook Marketing - October 31st, 2012

With the launch of the new page structure for global brands, international brands can now establish one global identity. Global Pages lets brands with one or multiple country-wise pages establish a universal yet localized presence. Brands can promote one URL and users looking for the brand page are directed to the best version of the page in their country. They can see localized content such as photos, applications, milestones and so on.

According to some Facebook sources, users from all countries will see the same page name translated into their local language, as well as the fan count and people talking about this. Page admins can see insights for all global users in an easy-to-view dashboard. Fans can now switch regions of a global brand page in one click and compare the content. Hence, maintaining a consistent presence is important.

What is required is a strategy that is global and at the same time localized enough to reach out to a scattered population. It calls for, what one may describe as a ‘glocal’ approach. General content has to be decided upon and it has to be adapted to the local context by the local community management. This can help to positively influence the brand image.

The advantages of having a Global Page with a glocal strategy are:

Efficiency in page management: Multiple platforms can create redundancies and confuse fans. With a single point for localized pages, community admin can manage the page more efficiently.

Risk reduction: One accountable community manager will ensure that the content posted is not contradictory or in conflict with each other. Management by multiple teams can open the brand to risks. 

Easier to find: With one unified page, it is easier for users to find the page they are searching for. This also saves users a lot of time wasted in hopping from one search result to the other.

Cost-effectiveness: Content that is localized can be seen by the users in a specific country. Localized applications, content such as contests etc. can be thus seen by all users. This helps in reducing the cost of repetitive efforts.

Flexibility: With a unified approach chances of failing to spot emerging trends and opportunities are minimal. A consistent social media management approach for all markets also helps for further innovation and progress.

Do let us know in the comments, what you think about the Global Pages feature and if you have adopted a glocal approach for managing it.

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