Get More Actionable Data with New Facebook Insights

Social Media Marketing - July 23rd, 2013

Recently the social media giant, Facebook, introduced some major changes in its Insight feature making it more brand specific and user friendly. Needless to say, this has definitely made the life of community managers easier. The main changes include improved interface, rate comparisons, click and drag date select tool, and more filtering options.


Let us have one-to-one analysis of the changes each insight feature has undergone.


Interface – Interface of Facebook Insights in the old version was clumsy and complicated and one had to spend more time to analyse the data. The new interface has changed drastically and has become more user friendly. This gives the community manager an upper hand in accessing more specific insight.


People Talking About This (PTAT) – Old version of Facebook insights only showed weekly PTAT without any break up of categories. With the entry of new version, the entire scenario changed and the community manager can generate activity reports based on each category including page likes, page checkins, page tags, mentions and other interactions.


Virality – Virality metric in page insights is often used as a benchmark for page post quality. As virality is largely dependent on page engagements or PTAT, Facebook renamed the ‘Virality’ tab as ‘Engagement Rate’. According to Facebook, this makes the definition more clear.


Click and Drag Date Select – The old clunky way of selecting dates gave way to simple click and drag feature. With this new feature one can change the date ranges viewed on the screen dynamically.


Demography – In the old version, the page admins or community managers were not able to compare the rates. The new version allows us to analyse the rate spread across different demographic categories. The data is split into 3 parts: your fans, people reached and people engaged.


Best Post Types – With this new feature, Facebook tells us which of your post types are best based on performance. For this, the performance metrics - reach, post clicks and likes, comments and shares – are mainly used.


Online Status of Fans – This additional feature allows page admins to monitor the average number of people who saw your posts during each hour of the day.


The new Insights interface is indeed a good move from the social media giant. This change helps Social Media Agencies and users to break down stats into separate charts allowing page owners to individually measure the reach and engagement. These changes have indeed given more breathing room for a community manager.

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