Ford Graffiti Contest Featured on Facebook-Studio

Application Development Facebook - April 13th, 2012

Ford Middle East wanted to integrate its social media activities with the on-ground promotions. For this purpose, Ford Focus Graffiti contest Facebook Application was launched on facebook, which let users make graffiti designs on a wall and then on the Ford Focus. Participants could use paint, draw, fill and spray tools given in the app to make colorful graffiti designs on the wall and the car.

Entries received were put up for votes/likes on the fan page. The ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons helped spread the word about the contest. Wall post messages were used well for generating buzz around the contest. Over a 1000 people used the application. Some of the best graffiti designs put up for votes were shared by many users.

The two most voted entries were invited for an offline activity- a live graffiti making contest at the Dubai Motor Show. The videos of their live graffiti making were put up for votes. This was an extension of the graffiti contest, where users could vote for their favorite video.

The graffiti maker who won the maximum votes will be going to the Can It, a graffiti festival in Antwerp, Belgium, in August 2012.

Learn more about this winning campaign from Kreata Global.


Campaign Performance:

The campaign was live from 23rd October, 2011 to 22nd November, 2011. The app was used by 11237 people. The page earned 21859 new likes while the app was live. It got 1,034,768 post views during this period.

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