Facebook to Take Social Media Marketing to Next Level

Social Media Marketing - November 18th, 2013

The social media giant, Facebook is planning to give itself a strategic makeover by adding more services and features to its timeline. Speaking to investors, the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said he will be taking the social media platform in a Google-like direction, where users can spend more time searching for new content.


Zuckerberg said, the team is working together to index the information based on content created by users and introduce more services based on this. He also said that the targeted ads will be based on the user activity and not merely on demographics and location. Once this change happens, the brands and businesses can get the most out of this by modifying their social media campaigns accordingly.


Another update from the social media giant will be in the mobile ad campaigns as they have accounted for 49% of revenue for Facebook in the last fiscal year. The management said that the mobile app install ads were leading the way and was very popular with marketers. These ads that appear in mobile news feeds are an effective way to drive app installs and increase discovery for your mobile app.


Apart from this, Facebook is also planning to ring their cash registers by introducing video advertising products. Once this feature is rolled out, the advertisers will be charged $2 million per day for the right to own 15-second video ad spots across user generated video content. The feature that will be available on both Smartphones and web domains will be introduced by the start of 2014.


With the social media marketing scenario becoming more competitive, it is obvious that the social media giant will roll out more and more products and services to help brands. The only way to reap the harvest is to modify your social media marketing strategies accordingly.


Source : Socialmedia Today

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