Facebook to Flood Your Timeline with Video Adverts

Facebook - December 28th, 2013



Next time you see videos playing on their own in your Facebook newsfeed, just think your timeline is getting livelier. Video adverts, as they call it, is the latest addition from Facebook to keep the audience glued to the social media platform. With the introduction of auto-play video adverts on the timeline, Facebook has triggered off another revolution in the social media scenario.

Till date, all videos on the timeline were locked in place behind a play button, and no animated GIFs were allowed. The social media giant had started testing this feature back in September 2013 with trials on selected timelines. According to social media curators, this can be considered as a move from Facebook to dominate the realm of video ads.

While rolling out the new feature, the social media giant said that this ad format isn't intended for every video ad or page post video uploaded on Facebook. The video adverts are aimed at marketers who are looking to captivate their target audience with a 15 second video. Facebook added that they will constantly update this new advertising medium to ensure best experience for users and marketers.

However, displaying video adverts on the Facebook timeline will not be a free affair. Sources close to Facebook said that the social media giant is planning to charge advertisers between $1 million and $2.5 million for a 15-second ad.

With the introduction of the video adverts on timeline, it is anticipated that more of flashy video ads will start appearing in the newsfeeds. What all brands and businesses have to do is tweak their social media marketing strategy to include more of these video adverts.



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