Facebook to Expand Global Internet with Drones and Satellites

Facebook - April 17th, 2014

Soon, people living in the remotest parts of the globe will have access to basic Internet services. All thanks to Facebook, for its plans to expand global internet access with the help of drones and satellites.


According to Facebook, they are actively building a team of experts to develop the next-gen infrastructure that can revolutionise the communication technology. Recently the company acquired the core team of UK based drone-maker Ascenta. In a white paper detailing the project, Facebook explains that the initiative - Internet.org - is a global effort to make affordable basic internet services available to everyone across the globe.


Explaining the initiative, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that many remote places in the world still don’t have access to 2G or 3G signals. “There are practical and economical constraints in deploying the same infrastructure that is already found in urban environments. The only solution is to make use of cheaper alternatives like drones and satellites to take internet connectivity to remote places,” he said.


The white paper further explains that high-elevation solar powered drones that can fly for weeks together will carry internet equipment and connect devices through a microwave beam. The drones will fly at 65,000 feet and would beam internet connections to areas with moderate population density. Along with this, the company will also deploy satellites in the geosynchronous orbit to provide internet connections in remote areas.


If everything goes according to plan, those who are now farthest from the Internet will come closer to the digital realm.

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