Facebook Timeline for Pages on Mobile Devices

Facebook Applications - July 23rd, 2012

More than four months after introducing Facebook Timeline for pages, Facebook has started rolling out the timeline design for mobile platforms too. The new design for mobile has a cover photo, a larger About section, and icons to view photos and details about the fan base.  The Like button is larger on iPhone apps and stretched across the screen while it is smaller on the mobile web because it includes the Message button too.

The timeline for personal profiles had been installed on mobile at about the same time it appeared on desktop. But design for pages has taken more time and the changes are expected to improve conversions from sponsored stories and make the overall Facebook experience more enriching for the user. Research proves that the conversion rate of mobile users who click on a sponsored story is lesser than desktop users who do so. The new design that offers more clarity will definitely improve things.

With the addition of the cover photo and description in the about area, users would not feel lost on a brand page. The cover photo has been made smaller than it is for personal profiles so as to make space for the description. The cover photo and profile photo are not arranged as on desktop, so profile images put into the cover image may not appear as intended on mobile - a point designers might want to take note of.

The change to mobile pages has not yet been widely released. It might take some more time before the new design is available across all mobiles. The important thing however, is that the change will make a mobile user’s experience on Facebook more consistent which will help brands connect better with their fans.

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