Facebook Tests its Pay-to-Promote Feature

Facebook - May 18th, 2012

So you have an important message to share with everyone? In fact, it is so important that you want to make sure that everybody on your Facebook will read it. Wondering how to do it? Presenting to you the Facebook paid highlight feature. It is a new program being tested by Facebook among its users in New Zealand. It’s a pay-to-promote feature wherein users can highlight or promote their posts by paying a small fee. Furthermore, this is the first time the social networking pioneer has offered its normal users the ability to amplify their updates.

This is how the feature works: The user will get an option of highlighting a status message beside the “Like” and “Comment” options by a status box. Choosing the option will result in a pop-up window featuring payment options with credit card or PayPal. As of now, the maximum price for highlighting is $2. Highlighted posts will appear higher in news feeds, stay visible longer, and appear to more friends and subscribers.

According to Facebook, the main objective behind this initiative is to gauge the users’ interest in paying to flag up their information. This feature stems from recent analyses that show that only 12 percent of a member’s friends actually see their status updates. In case of business pages, it is estimated that only 16 percent of their posts are seen by their followers.

Meanwhile, Facebook users also feel that this feature could lead to prioritization of information based on payment instead of genuine interest-value. We are curious to know what you think about it. Do let us know your take on this whole issue.

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