Facebook Marketing – things you must know

Facebook Marketing - December 5th, 2012

Marketing through Facebook seems to be the most ‘in-thing’ to do these days. There seems to be a widely-prevalent belief that an organisation’s annual marketing plan is incomplete without mention about various Facebook-related activities. Though Facebook’s relevance cannot be underestimated, there exists a major concern we need to address. Is it good enough to blindly allocate a specific number of Facebook-related activities in order to make our marketing initiative effective? That’s a definite ‘No’.Approaching this domain with a traditional marketing mind-set might backfire in a big way. So before we venture into the world of Facebook marketing, it’s important to keep ourselves informed about the following facts.

a) Replace push with participation – Treating Facebook like one treats a free email list to be targeted is a sure shot way to disaster. Social networking is a platform where your fans are given a chance to share things that matter to them. Squeezing in your brand content is no way to create engagement. The trick lies in aligning your content with what captures their interest the most.

b) Analyse fan behaviour – It’s still a mystery why Facebook users like, share and comment. In order to understand these things better you need to look for patterns in Facebook Insights and make inferences based on them. An in-depth understanding of your fans’ emotional drivers holds the key to your marketing effectiveness.

c) Your competitors are your fans’ friends - Every time you publish an update in your fan’s newsfeed, you are competing with birth announcements, political rants, vacation pictures and recommended bands. Remember that you can never outdo someone's friends, but the more you can come across with a friend-like voice, the better you'll do.

d) Capture attention – Facebook users are constantly distracted. Even if they intended to read your notification, it may not be always practical as they are being bombarded with a wide range of activity updates. In short, if your content is relevant and interesting your marketing is likely to be a success.

Follow these steps and you never know within no time your Facebook marketing initiative might become the most happening aspect of your company’s annual marketing plan. So best of luck! And don’t forget to keep us updated.

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