Facebook Marketing: Do your fans really ‘Like’ you?

Facebook Applications - May 11th, 2011

Almost every name in business, big or small, wants to make its presence felt on Facebook. With the number of persons using social networking sites increasing by the second, it is only natural that corporates want to hop on to the bandwagon. The big question however is, how many companies really benefit from it or rather, how many make an effort to benefit from it. Do your fans really ‘Like’ you?

The first big mistake is made right after the creation of the fan page- thinking that that’s the end of it! One may argue that such errors are made only by people who are ignorant of the power of facebook as a marketing tool. Nevertheless, many a company pages are updated only once in a while; making followers of the page just what the page is – passive.

The key is to constantly update content without sounding pushy. The communication has to be engaging and interesting enough to make users ‘Like’ it or better, comment on it. Everyone enjoys a funny question, video, and image, and it might be a good way to get started. But mind you, once you set the ball rolling, don’t do a rewind on why you have the page, what people can do on it etc. Refrain from posting random funny videos and quotes. Get straight to the point or engage users with games and contests.

The strategy of updating for the sake of it may fall straight on its face. What you communicate on your Facebook page should reflect what the company is all about. Humour is good, but it has to be delivered in the right doses. Or else, you might end up looking frivolous. The most important thing is to use content that matches your brand image.

And most importantly, keep your promises. If you had announced a reward prior to the contest, make sure the winners receive it. It is to be remembered that people talk five times more about a bad experience than a good one. Your present members are all that you have and it is on them that you can bank a portion of your hopes to win more members. So keep them happy.

Watch your competitors but do not fall into the ‘copy-paste’ trap. Let the think-tanks in your organization and Social Media Agency pool in ideas that work for you and your fans. Strive not to do what your competitors are doing but to make them follow the trend you have set.

Keep the language simple, use keywords and never compromise on quality. These basic things can go a long way in helping you retain and earn fans. So make every hit on your page count. When someone ‘Likes’ you, let it mean so.

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