Facebook Events- Make it eventful!

Facebook Applications - June 15th, 2011

You are hopping aimlessly from update to update and pic to pic on Facebook when you realize that the people you went to school with are all in town. ‘That calls for a get together’ you think. Worry not, if you do not have their phone numbers, what else is Facebook Events for? Search for ‘Events’ in the upper right hand corner search box. On the Events page click on the ‘Create an Event’ button, put in the event name, location, time, date, and the list of invitees and you are good to go!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that easily for Company events. First and foremost, your audience does not know you personally. They should have a solid reason to show interest in your event. Secondly, unlike an event for friends where you can take a dig at friends who did not turn up, you cannot even dream of asking your audience ‘Where the heck were you?’. So how do you make your company event a success through facebook? Read on…

The event invite has to be CCE (Clear, Concise and Exciting)
KISS (Keep it short and simple) is the key but where you have to mention details do not hesitate to do so. In step 1 of ‘Create an event’ you will be asked to enter the ‘Title, Tagline, Location, Start Time, and End Time’. Choose a title that says it all in one line. You can save the creativity for the tagline. But if you can sound fun and to the point even in the title, it’s great! The important thing is, the message shouldn’t be lost. Choose your Privacy, since it is for a business event it would be Open, meaning anyone can see them and RSVP or invite others too (whether they were invited or not).

Add Details- Step 2 of Create an Event
You may want to skip it but it has a few options that can prove to be really effective. One of them is ‘Enable Event Wall’. This helps you add a message wall to your event page. Your invitees can use this space to discuss stuff about the event, whether they would make it etc. Also enable ‘Enable event, photos, videos and links’ so that people can post interesting material related to the event if any.

Invite Friends!
Step 1 and 2 done, you are all set to invite your friends over. Though you can send as many invites you like, you can send only 100 at a time. You can also add a personal note to your message, to bring in that personal touch by giving some extra information about the event, why they shouldn’t miss it etc.

Build excitement around the event
Your friends would respond to an event even if you had not made any prior mention about it. Sadly, this never happens with a company event. For the big boys, may be, for the small ones, rarely. The mantra here would be to keep the company page active. Keep posting conversational threads on your page. Hint about upcoming events, run a teaser of sorts through videos, photos or simply updates on your wall. People are going to take note and they wouldn’t feel clueless when they finally receive your invite. Motivate people to spread the invitation and keep the Event Page active. Aim to make it viral. Encourage people to click the ‘Share’ button so that many people get to know about it.

Live up to the hype
When people finally turn up for the event, they shouldn’t be disappointed. After all those discussions on the event page you wouldn’t want your guests to leave disappointed. Make sure you deliver your promises. That way, the next time you plan an event, you can be sure of having an impressive gathering on the d-day.

So the next time you are planning an event, use the facebook ‘Create an event’ tool effectively to make it really eventful!

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