Facebook – the new phrase in digital marketing for corporations.

Facebook Applications - April 19th, 2011

There’s a lot to be shared and hot things even weird, for the people of today – us. The world has opened up so much and so have we. We are ready for anything new, every fresh experience to feel and live. We don’t hinder ourselves from new connections come what may. Hence, there’s no wonder why Facebook, the most sought-after and versatile social media platform on the globe has turned the biggest hit of the time.

By now, we know what Facebook is all about and the wide variety of options it is enriched with. But very few have realized the immense marketing possibilities that Facebook throws wide open. Very little is known about how skillfully experts make use of this quest for newness that people have into promising business benefits. There are numerous ways in which we can tap these resources available and make the most out of them. That is specifically why we see big companies and brands making entry into the world of Facebook increasingly and promoting their business. These even include some of the fortune 100 companies and hence imagine the possibilities.

Being a digital media company, we at Kreata Global know too well how and where to market our services and these days, we recommend Facebook to our clients. The results, we’ve found, are amazing. From creation of top-notch fan pages to instant solutions or applications like sweepstakes, contests, e-coupons and so on, the extensive range of options available are proving out to be much beneficial to the clients who use them. Marketing campaigns are being run with the help of Facebook and very often, they become highly successful with huge participation and response from the users.

As far as the objective of corporations is concerned, they have their specific requirements. Mostly, what they try to do through Facebook is to keep their already popular brand name in tact. It is image enhancement that they are after, rather than image building. For this, there’s no better option than Facebook. The principal reason for this is that Facebook engages users like no other social networking site does. There are polls, games, quizzes and a multitude of entertaining engagements here through which corporations can easily establish their identity with a reinforced impact. At Kreata Global, we offer them a list of cutting-edge applications which empowers them with the same. Sweepstakes, contests, sign up forms, e-coupons, gift vouchers, audio & video recording applications - thus goes the list. These come to them with the added advantage of high-end customization as well. Then, we have our diverse array of social media solutions. Strategy, Management, Games, Mobile Versions, Content, Monitoring, Reports, Applications; corporations who work with us have every reason to be assured of the best social media services available.

Facebook has the advantage of a multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic user base which helps big corporations to use it as a single platform for communication. It helps them reach across to a wide variety of populace from different parts of the world, estimated at 600 million active users. It also has the advantage of coming in hundreds of local languages, which extends its scope to a large extent. Thus, big brands could have an edge here, an advantage that easily enables them to reach their target audience at extremely low costs and through highly efficient systems.

For all big companies who are not on facebook yet - it’s time you rather gave it a try.

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