Facebook’s Musical Rhythms

Facebook Applications - July 13th, 2011

The word ‘Facebook’ has always been a thrilling music to the ears of millions of its users the world over. Now, there will be one more reason for this largest social networking site in the world to be so – the introduction of its online music services. Already an authoritative force in internet sectors like retailing, news and games, the music segment that is going to be a part of the Facebook services are likely to open new trends in social networking and online user-behavioral patterns. 

Facebook, as per reports, has already teamed up with ‘Spotify’, a European music streaming service, with more potential partners lined up for the 2011 edition. As per this, the users of Facebook will find a new tab called Music in the left-hand column of their pages alongside existing features like Photos, Friends, Deals etc.. This new tab, on clicking will open to a page called Music Dashboard.

This Music Dashboard will have the following features:

  1. Music Notifications: These notifications let you know whether your friends have listened to songs recommended by you or on your profile.
  2. Recommended Songs: Your friends might have played and recommended certain songs and you get to see a list of them. You can also play them back by clicking the play icon.
  3. Top Songs: These let you get a list of the top songs from your friends.
  4. Top Albums:This is with cover art and lets you know the top albums from your friends. 
  5. Recent listens: This gives a list of the recent songs listened by your friends.
  6. In the upper-right corner there will be a “happening now” ticker that shows what all happens in your sphere that includes songs that your friends are playing at that particular moment.

Spotify already has options that allows users to share information about the song they are listening to on Spotify with their Facebook friends. The next level of combination might get much more interesting with Facebook Connect and Facebook Likes playing important parts.

This new move from Facebook is widely being regarded by online marketing and social media marketing strategists as one with an intention to further expand its share of social commerce. The move is very relevant in the big change that has come about in the online music consumption patterns of the users. The trend these days is not to download songs, but to subscribe to a huge library of music. Thus, Facebook should consider itself on the right track and a part of a changing scenario.

Moreover, music is one of the principle revenue generators online and including it in the kit might win an already popular site like Facebook much more fans globally. The existing users too would have yet another reason to keep sticking on with Facebook and visit the site more frequently and linger for a longer time. 

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