EdgeRank: Factors that determine Facebook Page reach

Facebook Marketing - March 6th, 2013

How Facebook Page reach is determined has been drawing flak for quite sometime. EdgeRank, the algorithm responsible for showing updates about a Page on the user’s newsfeed has been brought under the scanner many times. Perhaps this is the reason why Facebook recently announced the four main factors that determine the reach of each post in social media marketing

So pay attention; how much reach your page posts get, depends on the following:


1. Interaction: EdgeRank measures the level of interaction your fans maintain with you. If they Like every post by you, they will be shown more of your content on their newsfeed. 

2. Reactions: If most people on Facebook who are shown your post, ignore it, EdgeRank is less likely to show that post on the newsfeed. 

3. Interest: EdgeRank also notes the interaction your fans have had with posts similar to yours in the past. If a particular fan always Likes photos, he/she is more likely to see a photo posted by you. 

4. Complaints: If a specific post gets a lot of complaints, it is less likely to show up in the newsfeeds of other fans. So if your page gets constant complaints, you can be sure that your posts are not reaching your fans well. 


Like PageRank for Google, Facebook often makes changes to EdgeRank. With the parameters that measure EdgeRank revealed, it is time to work on a smart content strategy. The key is to keep it simple, interesting and engaging. Make sure the posts are timed well and how many times a day you post – you definitely do not want your fans to detest seeing you on their newsfeed all the time! 


As long as people interact with your page and you leave no room for complaints, your page should have a fairly good EdgeRank. And that is what all Page owners should strive towards – keeping content on the page relevant and interesting. Fans, better reach and all else will follow. 

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