Create an Effective Facebook Timeline

Facebook - March 20th, 2012

Story-telling is an art. With Facebook Timeline, anyone can narrate a beautiful story- it’s all about getting the basics right. Doubts and criticisms about Timeline’s features are rife. While some brands are complaining, some others have already switched over to the new format and have started playing around with the novelty of the whole concept.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to be on the whiny side or make the most of the situation by letting your fans get used to it before the D-Day (30th March, when all brand pages will automatically get a new design). If you answered affirmative on the latter, then this article is for you.

With no more ado, here are 5 features that encourage you to look at the positives of Timeline and create an effective one.

  1. The Cover Image: One of the biggest disappointments of Timeline is that it doesn’t let you set default tabs. And the alternative that Timeline provides is the cover image. The cover image can be your new ‘default tab’. Use this area to talk about your new promotions or contests. Keep it lively at other times when there are no special promotions. Use it as a space to showcase the latest at your organization, something that’s a quick call to ‘Like’ in a subtle manner.

  2. Milestones: Since the whole point of Timeline is about telling your chronological story in an interesting way, this feature shouldn’t be overlooked. Set the year of your inception, your founding date, and start from there. Mark important achievements and dates, describe the events in an exciting tone, and upload pictures to make your users want to know more about your journey. Do it by clicking on the ‘+’ that appears when you mouse over the line in the middle.

  3. Pin to Top: Promotions that stretch over a week or month are forgotten after the initial excitement. Pin to Top is a feature that lets you remind your fans about something important without sounding pesky with, ‘Hey fans, just to remind you!’ or ‘Hope you have not forgotten this!’. Simply pin your previous post to the top and tadaa, your fans have a delicate yet effective reminder.

  4. Highlight: Is there a post you feel that deserves more attention? Something you don’t want your fans to miss? What are you waiting for, go highlight! Highlight is a great feature to drive more eyeballs, Likes and Shares. Stretched across the page, a highlighted post can also be used to demarcate an event with another.

  5. Tabs: You don’t have the luxury of driving your fans to default tabs now, but tabs are now wider, which gives you scope to make them more exciting with color, design, text- choose what you may.

Above all this, Timeline provides a convenient admin panel that lets you keep track of the activity on your page. So don’t wait till the eleventh hour, jump on to the bandwagon while the novelty is still there. Do it right and timeline will ‘surprise’ and not ‘confuse’ your fans.

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