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We are embracing the New!

February 18th, 2015

“Life doesn’t get better by chance; it gets better by change” - Jim Rohn Kreata Global is gearing up for some new exciting developments and we want you to know about it. We’re bringing a new change to our brand identity; a change for the best. This is our first major rebranding exercise since...

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Are You Listening? Find Out Why Social Media Listening Is Important For Your Brand!

November 3rd, 2014

Over the past decade, social media has become an integral part of our lives. We can’t live a day without Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Companies have taken note of this and have realized that social networks offer an opportunity for them to interact directly with consumers.

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Sharing on Social Media Made Easy with Browser Extensions

September 24th, 2013

    Spending time on several social media networking sites is both exciting and irresistible. This, as a matter of fact, consumes your valuable time and affects productivity as you have to open multiple tabs to access your social media accounts. There are many browser extensions out there to give amazing social media experience...

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Measuring your Social Media ROI – is it possible?

August 31st, 2012

With more companies jumping onto the social media bandwagon, it is becoming increasingly clear that measuring its monetary impact calls for a new set of techniques. This comes as no surprise, since social media in itself is a relatively new development compared to traditional modes of communication.

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