Can we think beyond Google Advertising?

Online Marketing - February 7th, 2011

Think of all those times you have been searching for stuff on Google and how a link on the right hand side of the screen attracted your attention, how you clicked on it and discovered a fab (or drab) site and how you got hooked (or repelled) to it, how you kept returning (or never returned) to it and how you recommended it to all your friends (or not even your worst enemies) and how finally you made a purchase/requested a quote/sent a mail to it (or vowed never to click on random links)? Yes, remember?

More often than not, it is the case within the parenthesis that happens. A link related to your search keyword appears and sometimes you click on it and often you don’t even bother. In such a scenario, where every user has been conditioned to be careful through experiences like the ones within the brackets, it does not merely remain a question of ‘can’ we think beyond Google Advertising. The answer is obviously yes. But the operative word here is ‘must’. That we ‘must’ think beyond Google Advertising.

To say that the web’s potential as a marketing and advertising platform is under-utilized would be an understatement. There have been innovations but the scope is immense and still untapped. To begin with, one must understand that there are other search engines that users use and ignoring them could be losing out on quite a few potential visitors. Yahoo, MSN, Bing, AltaVista and many more.

Social Networking sites cannot be ignored too. But that goes without saying, since many believe that you need not have a website if your organization is on facebook and twitter. Which brings us to the next question- Can we think beyond Twitter and Facebook? Again, we must! Relying completely on FB and twitter to boost your business may not be a smart idea after all. You need to have a strong web presence other than on social networking sites.

123456 ‘likes’ may look good on your Fan Page but you need to make sure if all those hits are doing anything substantial for you. And the best way to go about finding it out is to ask them directly or indirectly.  Have more participative and interactive applications, get feedback, keep them informed and most importantly, keep your word. And (tadaa!) you are doing something significant.

So the next time you think of web advertising, let your thoughts not stop at and with Google. Think of all those sites your TA is sure to browse into, the forums they frequent and do something exciting to get them on your site and be sure to keep something doubly exciting ready on your site, so that it does not become the case of the Boy who cried ‘Wolf! Wolf!

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