Bridging the gap between Facebooking and Marketing

Facebook - July 2nd, 2012

The changing face of advertising may unlock the greatest potential for brands to grow on Facebook. During the last three months the social networking pioneer announced various exciting features across its suite of products. This includes enhancements to Pages and the evolution of Facebook’s advertising model.

The key ad products include:

Premium on Facebook - It is an enhanced ad distribution system that provides advertisers with the most impactful placements on Facebook: right-hand side of homepage, directly in the news feed on the desktop and mobile homepage, and on the log-out page.

These ads are created from your Page content, more specifically, from six kinds of Page posts: status updates (text), photos, videos, links, questions, and events. Facebook touts that premium ad placements result in an average of 5-10x more engagement than other ad inventory locations on the site.

Reach Generator - It is an “always-on” ad solution that increases the distribution of Page posts among existing fans. It is targeted to brands with larger media budgets, and is designed to improve the reach of Page posts.

Facebook claims that Reach Generator will boost post exposure to an estimated 50% of fans each week, or up to 75% of fans each month. For marketers, Reach Generator provides an automated way to maximize the reach of Facebook Page posts and potentially improve the overall return on time and resources invested in content creation.

Content + Paid media - There is no doubt that the evolution of Facebook’s ad model will further impact how brands approach social marketing, as well as disrupt the agency and Facebook partnership ecosystem.

Understanding how Facebook’s advertising model impacts both social and brand health metrics will play a pivotal part in the overall social marketing investment. Identifying how paid vs. owned vs. earned exposure contribute to social KPIs, such as fan growth or Page engagements, is the new baseline requirement for optimizing social media activation. Facebook’s new ad strategy, and resulting integration of paid-owned-earned metrics, could help to accelerate and advance the industry as a whole.

As Facebook continues to evolve their suite of marketing products to create a “frictionless” user experience between ads and content, marketers can take two paths – continue executing social strategy as if nothing has changed, or quickly understand the impact of Facebook’s evolution from “ads to stories” and adjust how social content is planned, published, purchased, measured & optimized to capitalize on the shift.

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