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Online Advertising - November 15th, 2011

A blog reflects the unique persona in each one of us and/or the firm we represent. Hence it makes sense that what we, be it the company or individual, are able to justify or live up to what we present online. An attractive blog would be an authentic one with absorbing content, relevant links and other updated features which capture the attention of viewers so they would want to revisit the page time and again.

The sole aim of social networking is to connect with people, and continue connecting with more and more people. Blogs occupy a significant space in the blogosphere and social media firmament, both for business purposes as well as for engaging with friends. Professional blogging has a direct bearing on search engine marketing and social media optimization. As per expert advice, blogs when set up with the right reliable hosting provider, the right domain name, the rightly configured blogging platform, the rightly chosen niche and a few more such ‘rights’, work wonders to build your name and boost up your brand image.

Blogging for business is becoming serious business these days. Business blogging is done with the objective of building lasting relationships with clients. A blog showcasing your professional ideas, interests & achievements will go a long way in reflecting your online profile. Blogs are aimed at building genuine relationships with friends, business associates as well as other bloggers with common or similar personal & professional interests. Hence networking with other bloggers and interacting with them regularly is of utmost importance in improving both your blog and business. One can optimize his blog content by trading skills with other bloggers who can mutually complement one another’s blogs and thus create newer and better dimensions to blogging. Contributing to one another’s blogs in different ways like voting at forums, promoting campaigns and edifying can enhance content value and drive more blog traffic to the respective sites. It also makes sense for bloggers to meet up face-to-face once in a while during real-time networking events to catch up on their schedules and review them for feedback.

According to popular blogologist Alister Cameron, “The real reason why nobody reads your blog is this: massively successful blogging is about establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. It’s all about who you know and how you establish contact with them and win their trust.”

Happy blogging…

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