Benefits of social technologies to business

Social Media Marketing - December 2nd, 2011

Successful businesses follow smart working practices

Smart businesses are always on the lookout for innovative ways to successfully connect with customer as well as employee communities besides business partners & the general public. Enhanced customer relationships increase sales which in turn boosts productivity.

Social media initiatives & collaboration tools when combined, produce the kind of synergy needed to empower individuals & firms to perform their best, thereby benefiting both themselves & their companies and ensure everlasting success. We find that these days organizations are increasingly employing social media to enhance business value.

Successful organizations work smarter, not harder.  According to a recent study by the IBM Institute for Business Value, organizations that are significantly outperforming their industry peers also happen to be making more headway on newer approaches to work. They’re using dynamic and mutually connected ways of working to get things done effectively within a constantly changing environment. Such surveys offer insights into the critical practices and technologies that are fundamentally changing the way people work.

Social technologies

IT researchers and industrial analysts the world over are discussing how social media integrated with social technologies are impacting organizations and corporate business functions. 

It has been proved beyond doubt that social technologies deliver value to business. Social technologies enable people to connect and interact with unprecedented speed and ease. Savvy business and IT leaders are looking out for ways to explore the opportunities lying in this fast-evolving arena and exploit them for their benefit.  

The millions of comments, conversations, rankings and ratings found in the range of social networking sites form a collective valuable resource pool for what is termed as ‘social intelligence.’ And experts predict that this is going to be the driving force behind IT companies providing leadership in intelligence gathering and promoting collective activities to successfully integrate them in their businesses. They feel that the boundaries between social and collaborative applications and business applications will get blurred in due course, and that in future, transactional activities are going to be augmented by socially-enabled work functions and capabilities.

It is here the relevance of social technologies based on people’s perspective comes into the picture. Social media is really about engaging communities in new ways of achieving business value. More than marketing communications or creative technologies, it’s about strategy and planning, it’s about thriving in a new age of human behavior that’s fuelled by mass collaboration.

Companies are therefore sensing the need to feel the pulse of the customers through regular meaningful interaction. The interesting changes happening in the social networking scene are all focused towards satisfying the end user. For instance, we have seen how Facebook's overhauling led to its mass evolution from a social network to a platform with much more advanced features and social apps. Other popular networking sites, realizing the social advantage, have also followed suit.  

In future, it’s hoped that developers will be able to bring forth more ‘socially aware’ apps that will enable organizations to learn and understand real time customers in a better way.

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