Action Links on Facebook Timeline Apps

Facebook Facebook Applications - May 5th, 2012

After ‘Action Verbs’, Facebook has added ‘Action Links’ to Timeline apps running on top of the Facebook Platform. With this Timeline application, Facebook is about to get a lot more interactive.

It is a highly functional action that facilitates the user to save the link using Open Graph apps. Action links can be customised by app developers resulting in a deeper level of fan-engagement. Furthermore, it lets you tie one action with another, letting the developer choose the action.

The best examples for Action Links as of now are ‘Save this Place’ which connects to Foursquare and ‘Fave this Product’ which lets the user favourite a product on Fab.com.

So when someone you know checks in to a place through foursquare and it shows on their timeline, you can hit on ‘Save this Place’ to remind yourself to pay a visit.

The advantage of Action Links is that they go beyond Liking and Sharing by letting the involved user take direct action. These actions upon publishing become visible on the user’s timeline and may show up on their news feed. Also, the action links can be seen beside these stories.

Friends can respond to those stories with the action links without navigating away from it. This ensures that your story spreads fast.

Will this new addition make Facebook Timeline even more interactive than what it is right now? Or will this feature act as a catalyst for new interesting features to come up? Do let us know in your comments.

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