5 Ways to Boost Brand Engagement in Twitter

Social Media Marketing - September 5th, 2013

As the basic theory goes, for any business enterprise, customer is the King.  As a marketer, you spend a major part of your time figuring out how to grab the attention of consumers. Especially in an era when there’s no shortage of new marketing channels. Social media networks especially Twitter, also called a micro blogging site is one among the major platforms.  Here the consumer and the brand can engage in real time dialogues. 

The conversational freedom enjoyed by consumers on Twitter is also applicable for brands. It’s important to stay updated on industry trends and customers’ viewpoints so that the brand communication would be tailored accordingly. Twitter is ideal for these kinds of activities. Successful and active Twitter users always update their thoughts and share the same in a brief format through this platform. Many brands use it as their digital promotional tool.

The following are the five ways to boost the engagement between a brand and its customers:

1) Sensible use of hashtags:  It’s the use of the symbol # along with a word. Eg: #price. This is a convenient and easy method that Twitter uses to categorize tweets by “topic”.  The categorization of topics will result in the successful promotion of the business. Tweets with 1 or 2 hashtags receive enormous level of engagement but it should not get cluttered.

2)  Listen to the Customer:  The brands should keep up with their customers’ needs and should follow the hashtags, updates and feedback from them. The company can tweet conversational questions encouraging better engagement.

3)  Keep it simple and short: Tweets should be limited to only 140 characters. While adding pictures or links never give a lengthy intro. The brands can ask their customers who follow the brand updates to retweet the same to increase visibility. This will drive engagement on those clickable links, and drive more traffic to your Twitter profile.

4) Use of imagery/link: Incorporating links, images and news bit would generate an interest among the customers. The interest would help the brand followers to spread the word. Thus increasing the level of engagement.

5) Reply to the queries: Reply to tweets that concern your products or services.  Be there for those who attempt to dialogue with the brand. Familiarize the customer with the brand through regular interactions.

Conversing and engaging with the customers through Twitter helps in building brand reputation and a strong rapport. In short, Twitter is a powerful digital promotional tool to increase your followers and brand loyalty when it comes to social media marketing. 


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