5 Rules for Pay per Click Campaign

Search Engine Marketing - May 7th, 2011

1: Keywords:

First choose your keywords that are relevant to your products or services segment. For example if you offer search engine optimization service to webmasters, 'search engine' will be a wide-ranging keyword for you. 'Search engine optimization’, 'good search engine ranking' etc., will be your good target keywords.

A further thing you have to keep in mind is targeting your keywords. Like any geographical location exact to your product or any specific language. Some search engines like Google offer this feature to target the keywords based on the countries and language.

2: Write an undeniable ad:

The majority of pay per click search engine services limits your ad characters and length. So try to retain the keyword in the ad headline and the body. This will be helpful for Google, which determine your position not only by your bidding quantity but also click thru rate. Google editors won't let you to use the keyword more than once in your ads. So build your ad more efficiently.

3: Don't go into Bidding conflict:

Keep an eye on your Return on Investment. (ROI) It is not that simple to resist the attraction of being number one on pay per click engine listings especially for the beginners. Constantly make your mind up on an amount you are going to spend on advertising campaigns. Depending on that, split certain percentage to PPCs. With realistic bidding amount you can acquire good amount of traffic from PPCs.

4: Keep an eye on your bidding amount:

The majority of the people bid once and doesn ’t remember about it for weeks. Monitor your bid amount subsequent to logging in to your accounts. Execute once in every 4 to7 days.

For example, if you go to overture.com and search for keywords, you will be able to find the first positions paying $0.97, $0.75, 0.45 respectively for the first three rankings. Don't you spot who will be benefited by this? You will be able to get the first and second position for $0.27 and $0.26 correspondingly. So always maintain on your bidding amount.

5: Landing page:

After clicking on your link and coming to your website, don 't allow them to search for the product for which they came to your site. Directly landing on the product page is always a good idea and saves your visitor's time.

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