5 Qualities That Make Facebook Campaigns Work

Facebook - April 7th, 2012

The word ‘Luck’ is often abused miserably. From being used to denote something positive, it is often quoted as the reason of someone’s success, particularly someone you don’t like. Or perhaps, someone you secretly envy.

So just in case you are looking at brand pages that work, the ones that have it all- comments, likes, shares, discussions- and seeing nothing “quite impressive” there, may be it is time to do a little study that reveals how things are clicking for them and not for you.

Forget luck, better results call for pulling up your socks and getting down to work. Here are 5 qualities a Facebook campaign must have to be successful:

1.    Involvement: Unless you give your fans something to get involved they are going to pretend you don’t exist. Invite them to be a part of your brand- do this through your posts, the nature of contests and the way you take conversations forward.
2.    Branding: Successful facebook campaigns have strong branding. People should be able to tell you by the color/slant of your font, the kind of images used. You want your ads to speak about you. Do it creatively. Branding shouldn’t be jarring. Subtle but strong all the same.
3.    Being Good: By this we mean promoting a social cause. People live hectic lives and seldom get the time to contribute towards the greater good. This helps you not just do your bit towards the society or environment but also get the support of your fans.
4.    Fun: Who doesn’t like to unwind? Give your fans something they will enjoy. There is nothing wrong in being silly, just take care it isn’t at the expense of compromising on point no. 1 and 2.
5.    Novelty: All successful campaigns have something new about them. A freshness that appeals to audiences. Don’t go hunting for complex ideas that may scare your fans. Keep it simple but the packaging must be exciting.

Keep these things in mind and ‘luck’ will definitely favour you!

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