5 Facebook marketing trends to keep up with

Facebook - June 8th, 2012

Two months after the mandatory switch brand pages on Facebook made to Timeline, the initial coldness against the change seems to be thawing. Marketers and advertisers have realized that timeline is different and that if used wisely it can generate the desired levels of engagement. Fans, on the other hand, have got used to it. The right content presented in the right manner always works.

Here are 5 top Facebook marketing trends pertaining to content that a brand must keep up with in order to, well, keep up.

1.    Saying it with Photographs: Timeline favours large pictures and one can’t deny that a page looks neat with the right pictures on either side. Further, the success of sites like Pinterest leaves no doubt about the fact that photos are more likely to be Liked and Shared. Showcasing the product in an interesting angle, pictures from an event held at the brand, urging fans to share pics of their moments with your brand, etc., are great ways of driving fans to your page. Pictures are the best bet for food brands – make them drool, and you have made them Like and Share.

2.    Using the Cover Image creatively: The Cover Image is not just an extension of the brand’s profile picture. It can double up as an advertisement or announcement. More and more brands are using this area to talk about promotions and contests. The cover image can be a quick call to action.

3.    Gamifying status updates: Who said straight and simple needs to be plain and boring? Try turning statements into questions your fans would enjoy answering. Instead of the ‘who, what, where, why, when and how’ questions that can sometimes border on prying, put them in a fun ‘Fill in the Blank’ or ‘True or False’ question. Researches made on several brands reveal that ‘Fill in the Blank’ posts see more response than regular posts.

4.    Observe, Promote, Advertise:
The comments, likes and shares on your posts would easily let you measure what’s working for you and what’s not. Facebook’s new feature even lets you see the number and percentage of people your post has reached. Amplify what’s working for you. Make use of the Promote feature. If you look at brands that have it all - likes, shares and comments - you’ll see that the posts follow a certain format. When fans expect something exciting and get it too, they respond. Facebook ads help you reach a wider audience. It’s an investment worth its cost.

5.    Thank your fans: Singling out fans in your status updates is not a bad idea. They’ll feel special but other fans might not think much about it. Say ‘Thank You’ to your fans creatively when they deserve it. Instead of a post, why not use a picture or a video, designed exclusively for the occasion? If you can name your fans in such thank-you videos or pictures, it would be great. Think of the number of Shares a post like that would generate.

Trends on Facebook are like trends anywhere else. They keep changing. Keep your eyes and ears open to stay ahead with them. And while you are at it, share with us any new Facebook marketing trends you might have come across.

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