3 ways to boost your business with Facebook’s Hyper Local Ads!

Facebook Marketing - October 16th, 2014

The day is finally here! Facebook is gearing up to launch the new Hyper-Local Ads that will help businesses attract customers to visit their store when they are within its vicinity!

According to Facebook, the process is really simple. All that businesses have to do is punch in their address or select one from their Facebook Page, set their radius, gender and age range, add an interesting image and a compelling message. After this is done, Facebook takes care of the rest by routing the ads to people in the vicinity. Businesses can also add directions to the ad that will help customers reach your store easily.

So we decided to do a little research on Hyper Local ads and came up with 3 ways in which we think, hyper-local ads will help small businesses advertise themselves effectively.

1. Reach customers in your vicinity

Picture this, you are walking down a lane looking at your news feed and suddenly an ad for a nice burger joint or quirky clothing store, that is just a few feet away, comes up. We are quite sure you would be tempted to check it out. Thus with the feature of desired radius, businesses can increase footfalls at their stores, which will eventually turn to real sales.

2. The power of mobile

Facebook has over a billion mobile users, many of which give access to their location. Hence, Facebook has the data it needs to make hyper-local ads effective. Since a major chunk of Facebook users access it through mobile, it is a golden opportunity for businesses to reach their target audience.

3. Right place at the right time

Since hyper local ads are targeted at mobile users, small-time firms can time their promotions in a way that will most effectively reach their customers. The radius can be set from a mile to an entire city. But in the end what matters is how many customers got that all-important update. With the ad settings that hyper-local provides, small-time firms can ensure that their ad reaches the right person at the right time and place.

Finally, there is one thing we just can’t deny. Facebook definitely knows how to keep both businesses and individuals glued. While hyper-local ads will help firms reach out to their target audience in a better way, it will serve as a reminder for Facebook users to check out that must-visit stores that are offering amazing deals in the vicinity. Looks like a win-win arrangement if used wisely! 

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