3 ways how FB App. can help promote your business

Facebook Applications - March 12th, 2012

Boredom strikes without warning. It might be at your office desk or while commuting. It could even be at a party where you know no one. 10 years ago one might not have had a choice but to sit through the ‘boring’ ordeal. Today, you’ll be spoilt for choices on when and how to while the time with engaging apps on a variety of social networks- especially facebook. While consumers use it for fun or rewards or to keep boredom at bay, it is important businesses know why they are doing what they are.   

Today, every ambitious business maintains a facebook page and runs a variety of contests, quizzes, and engaging activities. Some may restrict their activities to the boundaries of their ‘wall’, while some may love to play around with the amenities facebook has provided. It is here that Facebook apps come into play- photo, video, quizzes, games, sweepstakes- the list of apps is endless. Following are three ways how a facebook application can help your business grow.

Building brand recall

Before creating an app companies must decide what it can do for them. Does it promote their new product? Does it excite customers into making a purchase or requesting a quote? A brand should ask itself these questions before setting out. If a user forgets which brand page he/she used the app on, then it simply means branding has failed big-time. The brand should leave its stamp on the app- this could be by way of design or the content used. In a nutshell, the app and the brand should go hand in hand. One must complement the other.

Engagement with customers and prospects

This is the most important part. The success of a facebook application depends on how much it can engage the audience. The app has to grab attention, create curiosity and generate desire. With the Like and Share buttons, it’s easier to take the app viral, provided it is interesting. Queries and comments posted on the page while an app is live should not be ignored. Especially if pertaining to the contest/app. Because there’s always a reward for an app [just pure fun and entertainment in some cases!], it’s easier to get people to try it. The key lies in getting the basics right.

Social standing of the brand

If a brand keeps coming up with one interesting application after the other, fans will be naturally inclined to think highly of it. A new app brings fresh activity on to the page. On the other hand, if there are no new apps even in long intervals, the page is going to lose some precious fans to its ‘hip n cool’ competitors!

Like people, brands have a personality. And like people, brands are expected to live up to it. If leveraged well, facebook applications are one of the best methods of promoting a business and even asserting the brand personality. So, plan well, execute, and DO NOT sit back to watch the results- monitor, track and respond continuously!

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