“Do I need Social Media?” is an outdated question

Social Media Marketing - May 16th, 2011

The question “do I need social media for my brand?” is outdated. “How well I do social media” is the big question challenging brand custodians today.

Since the internet has entered our life, “how we gather information” has changed completely, despite the fact that people in remote areas are still depending on older modes of communication. However two components today, namely, internet and mobile, are just like water and air in our life. Life without them is unimaginable.

And now social media has transformed the scene completely. It’s no more just information gathering, but information sharing anytime, anywhere. Our day starts with social media and ends with social media. So it’s an era of consumer 3.0. Converse as much as you love to. Speak out whatever you want to. This is a world of open dialogue.

Today if you are not on a social networking site, you are not on the internet. It’s  just because social media has made a fundamental shift in the way we communicate with each other.

Brand owners no more have the choice of asking “do I need social media presence?” because this question is as good as buried. If your brand is not on social media networks, it means you’re ignoring your next generation customers. The new generation consumer opens his/her internet account on social media sites before opening a bank account!

Brand custodians should ask themselves “how well are we doing social media?” and why? The reasons are many such as “we are not just talking to a few million customers; we are talking to billions of users.”

So if you are not on social media marketing, you can imagine what your brand is missing.

Let’s look at some more reasons;

  1. If Facebook were a country, it would have been the world’s third largest country with more than 600 million people.
  2. Flickr has 13 times bigger photo library than national library.
  3. 95% companies are using LinkedIn to find and attract employees.
  4. Studies show Wikipedia is as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica.
  5. More than 54 million update per month on Twitter

…and the list goes on…

The focus should be more on managing social presence;

-          Conversational content, not advertising message

-          Provide clarity. Avoid vague, product driven and corporate chant

-          Bring humor to get word of mouth

-          Be authentic and concise. Get to the human side of language

-          Don’t forget to have a clear call to action

-          Leave a room for them to want more   

We may thus sum up that social media is becoming a persuasive platform and a critical factor in the success or failure of a business. So let’s adopt a UCEL strategy; Understand -> Converse -> Engage -> Learn

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